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Valience reviews Luna Online (PC)

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Valience said...

A cute, anime themed MMO. Free with cash shop.

It seems to be somewhat of a spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online to me. You have skill points and 1 stat point to assign every level, kinda like RO. You have 2 base classes, which can then change into many different specializations as you gain levels. The best part, perhaps, is that you can freely switch from say Healer as your second job, to an AoE caster in your next, and then back to Healer.

Unfortunately, it has several pretty big drawbacks for me. First: it borders on too cute. Chibi can be fun, but only so much can be taken in at a time. Second, the game only supports 3 resolutions, 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024. Those look pretty bad on my widescreen, and even though I poked around a bit, there doesn't seem to be a way to force a custom resolution. Lastly, it hides itself on the process list. This means Setpoint, or Lachesis, or Nvidia graphics options... none of the per game settings work, since it never shows up. Either that or my nvidia cp is just being a tool, and needs dropkicked. It's probably that, actually...

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